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Deutsche Aircraft appoints Jose Costas as VP Aircraft Sales

July 1, 2020
Deutsche Aircraft Sales and Marketing Team
Deutsche Aircraft appoints Jose Costas as VP Aircraft Sales

As part of the ongoing development of its senior leadership team, Deutsche Aircraft and sister company328 Support Services GmbH, have appointed Jose Costas as the company’s vice president of aircraft sales. Leveraging his significant aviation industry experience, Costas is responsible for all aircraft sales, including that of the D328eco™aircraft and legacy D328®aircraft, as well as marketing and customer experience.

“We are delighted to welcome Jose to the team, and to put his skills to work making the most out of the company’s opportunity to revolutionize aviation in the interest of affordable sustainability,” said Deutsche Aircraft Managing Director Dave Jackson.

Costas brings to Deutsche Aircraft 20 years of experience in the global aviation industry. Most recently, Costas held senior positions with Embraer S.A. in both the company’s Commercial andExecutive branches. Costas was responsible for sales, contracts management and aircraft deliveries (Brazil), as well as aircraft marketing and sales in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and theMiddle East and Africa (EMEA).

“It is certainly one of the most challenging times for aviation in its history; however, I am equally certain that the industry will adapt and endure over time, especially as we capitalize on opportunities to innovate and bring more modern, reliable and cost-effective solutions like the D328 platform to market,” said Costas. “With a strong heritage and clear plans for the future, I know the D328 aircraft will be ideally positioned as the market rebounds.”

The primary focus of the Deutsche Aircraft sales team is to promote the D328 platform to existing and potential customers in the domestic and regional airline community. The D328 already has a strong following in the “special mission” arena and the team is committed to developing these capabilities in parallel with passenger versions, including that of theD328eco. The technical mission for the D328eco is based on a commitment to more sustainable aviation with significant positive impacts on short-range regional transportation versus today’s standard technologies. The D328eco delivers significant improvements in operational and maintenance costs as well as substantial reductions in overall carbon footprint.

The Regional Aircraft programme is led out of Oberpfaffenhofen Airport near Munich and planning work has commenced for establishment of the final assembly line at Leipzig HalleAirport. EIS remains in 2024 as presented in August 2019 in Leipzig.

On behalf of everyone at the Company, we wish health, safety and a quick recovery for all impacted around the world

About the data:
- Source: Cirium
- Schedules data: full year 2019 vs. 2020 – excludes non-scheduled flying
- In-service data:
- For 2019 the data is dated April while for 2020 it’s dated October. We wanted to compare “shoulder month” to shoulder month, however April 2020 wouldn’t have captured the immediate impact of Coronavirus as our dataset classes aircraft as in storage after 3 months of inactivity.

DA Aviation Ecosystem Review

We are proud to present, “Aviation Ecosystem Review 2020.”
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DA Latest News in a Nutshell

New talent appointed to strengthen the Deutsche aircraft programme

As part of its continued support of Deutsche Aircraft’s D328eco aircraft programme, 328 Support Services GmbH recently appointed a panel of “talent experts” to further strengthen the overall team and ensure strong management structure and processes are in place across the D328eco development programme. Today we focus on the Engineering & Programme departments.

On the programme side, Mr. Peter Spyrka has been appointed Director of Programmes. Peter brings over 20 years’ experience in the global aerospace industry with engineering & development works on both civil and military aircraft programmes. Prior to joining Deutsche Aircraft, Peter worked at Airbus, leading the Hybrid Electric Propulsion System development programme for demonstrator projects. He also worked for Fairchild Dornier back in the late 1990’s.

In Engineering, Mr. Jean-Damien Mazeau has been appointed as our new Head of Propulsion Systems. Jean-Damien also brings more than 20 years’ aeronautical experience to Deutsche Aircraft, having built most of his career at Airbus. He was most recently involved with the A320neo’s entry into service, in charge of propulsion system’s global technical Support.

Last but not least, Dr. Stefan Brunner brings more than two decades of expertise and experience to his position as Head of Airframe. Throughout his career, Stefan spent more than 17 years working directly for the Airbus group where he was heavily involved with a wide variety of major engineering programmes on both commercial aviation and defence & space programmes. In his new role, Stefan will be responsible for design, analysis and modification of the D328eco airframe’s primary structure (Fuselage, Fairings, Wing, Empennage), as well as establishing new processes and procedures to complete aircraft development. Finally, he is responsible for ensuring compliance with the European Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulations.

In addition to Peter, Jean Damien and Stefan, we are also proud to announce that we have been busy hiring new talent from not only within Germany, but from all over the world. Coming from a variety of companies within the aerospace industry, we look forward to utilising our new team members’ skills and expertise to achieve the entry into service scheduled for 2025.

All are great assets to the current Engineering & Programme team and will, without a doubt, help support Deutsche Aircraft’s development programme over the coming years.

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Aviation Ecosystem Review 2020

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Deutsche Aircraft Aviation Ecosystem Review 2020 Download

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