The D328eco

By introducing advanced flight deck capabilities, SAF compatible airframe, and more efficient engines, the D328eco™ will change the way we fly and help reduce our carbon footprint.

Small is beautiful - enter the D328eco

With a high average yield and contribution to profits, and also cost digression, the D328eco is positioned to reduce the risk of high trips costs while offering the right seat-mile costs compared to its larger counterparts*.


The D328eco

a platform to shape the future of aviation

Our design includes a number of features that will enable our aircraft to expand to new heights and improve regional transportation access via sustainable means.

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Optimized for higher propulsive efficiency and low noise, they will work together with the engine to ensure the D328eco™ remains one of the most economical turboprops within the regional and special mission markets.


Fully compliant with REACH manufacturing processes and regulations (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of CHemicals), to meet more sustainable objectives.

Flight deck

The D328eco™ Flight Deck is designed for future single pilot operation, with latest generation avionics suite. This will enable greater operational efficiency and ensuring full compliance with all known future CNS/ATM regulations.


The Pratt and Whitney Canada PW127S engine, more efficient and will allow better performance increased SHP to support the increased MTOW. The maintenance service goal will improve while the operating cost is reduced.


The D328eco™ is nearly 2 meters longer than the original D328® airframe to provide additional seating capacity and enhance the proven multi-role capability of the aircraft. Seating 40 passengers as a standard configuration. The new cabin design will offer increased health and safety capabilities while allowing standard trolleys on-board.


Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) compatible airframe to lower the carbon emission and help reduce our carbon footprint.

Landing gear

The D328eco™ builds on the D328® superior field performance. The improved landing gear coupled with a gravel kit allows access to unmade runways and austere environments.

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Lowest Trip Cost Regional Aircraft

Superior crew comfort and increased efficiency

Cabin pressure altitude of 8,000ft at a higher cruise

Additional markets

More Flexibility

Additional revenue




The D328eco™ will equal the outstanding field performance of its ancestor, offering even more power & payload to extend the range of missions’ possibilities. The aircraft is capable of reaching up to 30,000-feet service ceilings. This ability allows the aircraft to access less crowded upper airways therefore reducing fuel consumption and allowing longer missions.

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