We are the future of flight

Deutsche Aircraft is transforming the way the world travels by developing the most advanced, energy-efficient and cost-effective new 40-seater regional turboprop on the market: The D328eco™


We want to accelerate the aviation industry’s transition towards zero emissions flights using our D328eco.
As the only existing platform that is capable of fulfilling the efficiency and performance requirements for a modern, more eco-friendly aircraft, we are starting the transition to a greener flying future today.

We are re-imagining flight. Less fuel. Less carbon emissions. Less impact on our planet.

Who we are

Deutsche Aircraft is a German aircraft manufacturer built on the heritage of aircraft pioneers and Dornier’s reputation for design, quality and innovative aircraft solutions.

Propelled by the urgency to reduce fuel consumption, carbon emissions and our impact on the planet – far in advance of ambitious international Net Zero targets – we are accelerating the aviation industry’s transition towards carbon neutrality, together with the support of the German government and in collaboration with our shareholder Sierra Nevada Corporation.

As a strategic partner for the sustainable development of aviation, we are collaborating with key players in the industry, with a focus on the research and development of disruptive technologies to achieve the goal of climate-neutral aviation.

a strong legacy

The company traces its route back to the dawn of aviation to the heritage of Dornier Flugzeugwerke, a German aircraft manufacturer founded back in 1914 and globally renowned for its pursuit of innovation, engineering excellence and design quality. Deutsche Aircraft took over the Type Certificate (TC) rights for the Dornier 328 platform (D328®) and is now leveraging its capabilities. Our passionate team of engineers and aviation experts are developing the most advanced, energy-efficient and cost-effective regional aircraft on the market: The D328eco.

building on the foundation of the dornier 328

Manufactured in the 1990s and early 2000s, the D328® is a regional aircraft that is currently certified in 85 countries and still being operated by major airlines globally with a fleet comprising over 150 in-service aircraft. For nearly 20 years, Deutsche Aircraft has been providing global customer and product support for the D328®, ensuring the aircraft remains at the top of the game for regional operators and as a versatile multi-role asset.

Thanks to its high operational versatility, the D328® is used in both commercial and special mission roles and continues to cover a variety of vital missions every day, such as air ambulance, Search and Rescue, cargo and even firefighting operations. The outstanding flexibility and versatility of the D328® is paving the way for our new D328eco aircraft to handle the most challenging environments and connect businesses and people. We are using the latest technologies and best industry practices available today to ensure the highest level of reliability, efficiency and sustainability for our D328eco aircraft.

Designed to reduce operating costs and prioritize passenger comfort, this innovative, next-generation turboprop is ideal for regional flights. Beyond its sustainable credentials, the D328eco aircraft has the advantage of being fully customisable for a wide range of multi-role missions.t.


our values

Our values reflect those of a business started by a band of innovators looking to transform the world.


We develop alternative, science-based solutions to reduce our environmental impact, in true accordance with economic conditions, whilst still serving social needs


We develop ideas across all teams, and partnerwith like-minded professionals within the aviation industry and beyond.


We listen and consider ideas to broaden our way of thinking; we value creativity and ambition


We are proud of our diverse work community: we ensure mutual respect to all nationalities and individuals


Founded on the proud heritage of Dornier we carry forward German excellence in engineering, design and quality.