D328 turboprop


The Dornier 328 series is fitted with the latest generation technology flight deck, allowing operators to have features such as synthetic vision Systems and integrated electronic flight bag including charts and maps. The maximum range of the standard Turboprop aircraft is 1,850 nautical miles (3,400 km) with a typical range of 800 nautical miles (1,500 km). One of the yet most economical Turboprop within the regional and special mission markets.

Outstanding field performance

Its unique versatility and recognition by major operators all around the world, makes it one of the best regional aircraft to fly with. Its uniqueness rests in being able to go (almost) everywhere, operating from grass or gravel, even in hot and high condition from the hot Arabic desert to the Himalayan mountain chains if this is where your mission brings you.The 328 allows easy operation even from the shortest runways. Not many regional aircraft are capable to land and take off everywhere. Being the category’s leader in field performance further increases the portfolio of airport accessible by the 328. Our commitment is to allow you to fly wherever you want! Originally fitted with 32 seats, the 328 regional aircraft is ideal for short haul and regional journey operated by regional carriers as it fulfils all requirements at lower cost.

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