D328-300 Jet


D328-300 Jet


The 328-series is certified in 85 countries all around the world, and is in use in many countries including United States, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Nigeria and Australia to name a few. There is an increasing demand around the world for an aircraft of this passenger capacity. It has a standard seating capacity of 32 passengers with the possibility of either a Jet or Turboprop engine. The maximum range of the standard 32 seater Jet is approximately 1,500 nautical miles (2,800 km) with a typical range of 900 nautical miles (1,600 km) with a full passenger load and perfectly fits all missions that require being efficient and responsive within the shortest time.


Unlike most regional aircraft, the 328-series allows easy operation even from the shortest runways. It can handle a variety of surfaces, and is equally unafraid of hot and high conditions. The aircraft is capable of reaching up to 35,000-feet service ceilings. This ability allows the aircraft to achieve shorter airway distances by using less crowded upper airways, therefore reducing fuel consumption and allowing longer missions. From regional cities to far-flung outposts and from the Arabian Desert to the Himalayas, the 328-series will take you (almost) everywhere.

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