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From Dave Jackson’s desk - Jan 2021

February 4, 2021

Vice President of Operations and Programs Nico Neumann

From Dave Jackson's Desk

Recently, we were delighted to formally announce some important changes, including our new name - Deutsche Aircraft - and take the opportunity to provide further updates on the development of the D328eco™ aircraft programme.
The amount of positive feedback received following this announcement has again confirmed just how crucial it has become for our industry to offer alternative solutions for the future of aviation today.

With Deutsche Aircraft’s D328eco programme, we have the opportunity to influence the way people will fly in the future, leading the way to more sustainable air travel as a first step on the path to zero emission flights.
We look forward with excitement at continuing to influence the future of aviation, starting by introducing you to the team that supports development of the D328eco, along with news of our latest achievements on the journey toward zero emission flights.

Dave Jackson, Managing Director of Deutsche Aircraft