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We are a forward-thinking company with an entrepreneurial spirit backed by extensive OEM experience. Our objective as a purpose driven business is not only to provide the highest standards of product development and production, but also drive wider sustainable economic and social development by operating greener business practices as part of an integrated regional transportation strategy.


We already have the highest standards in place with established partners including Sierra Nevada Corporation and the German government program participation. We are an EASA Level 1 DOA – Design Organisation Approval with established global support experience in providing spare parts, services and training.

This is a unique opportunity to participate in an aircraft OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) establishment in Germany to build the D328eco™, leveraging an exceedingly rare aviation market cycle and be at the forefront of the transformation of technology occurring in aviation today.

Furthermore, in line with our vision, we will reduce carbon emissions through the establishment of a new state of the art, and paperless, Final Assembly Line (FAL) in Leipzig, compliant with REACH manufacturing processes and regulations (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of CHemicals).

As we emerge from the COVID crisis the short haul regional market will be the first to recover and the D328eco™ will provide an opportunity for airlines to rebuild in a more sustainable way.

If you are passionate about sustainable aviation and enabling zero emission aircraft to propel future generations to new heights, get in touch so we can provide you with further details about our ambitious plan.

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