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Material Support

As the TC holder for Dornier 328 series, we are the major supplier of parts for the Dornier 328 series including D328 Turboprop (D328-100), and Jet (D328-300), and soon on the D328eco. Our stock is quality controlled and can be dispatched safely and efficiently when orders are placed. Quality is an integral component of our corporate philosophy.

Parts enquiries

For parts enquiries please use the following contact form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

For AOG Support please call +49 8153 88 111 2998.

spare parts service

When you are ready to order your approved parts please contact us to check availability and best shipping method.All parts ordered and in stock before 13:00 GMT will be dispatched same day Monday through Friday.

Various shipping carriers can be used:

  • DHL
  • TNT
  • UPS
  • Airfreight
  • Truck carriage
  • TNTaxi service and pick-up by customer is also possibleT

Technical support

Our technical support department is directly linked to the Global Support Center which acts as the front end to Customers. It is designed to meet any demand from commercial operation to special mission technical requirements. We are assisting customers in solving problems connected to operational or maintenance activities, ensuring that customer operations’ legal requirements are always met. Based at our headquarters near Munich we can utilize all engineering, technical data and flight test resources necessary for complete technical services. Applications of our technical expertise include:

• Preparation of technical instructions
• Preparation of proposals and offers
• Information on customers
• Preparation of operational information
• Cooperation in external projects
• Co-coordinating of TC-validation activities for foreign country authorities

The Deutsche Aircraft Global Support Centre in Oberpfaffenhofen is your single point of contact for the following below.

• Technical enquiries
• Engineering issues
• Request for retrofit
• Documentation subjects
• Operational issues
• Vendor issues
• AOG support
• On-site support
• Entry-into-service (EIS) support

Global Support Centre Contacts
Tel: +49 8153 88111 6666
Fax: +49 8153 88111 6565

Open Hours on working days
Monday to Friday
6.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
(local time Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany)

For any of above mentioned enquires, please use our Service Problem Report (SPR) form in .pdf format.


Flight Simulator


EASA Part 147 Training Department (Approval No.: DE.147.0021) Comprehensive engineering and latest technical information only available at Deutsche Aircraft as the Type Certificate Holder, combined with the wealth of experience gained from our skilled personnel, ensures that we can offer you the best training available for the Dornier 328 aircraft. Currently we offer EASA approved combined category B1/B2, as well as category C type training courses for the Dornier 328-100 and 328-300 aircraft series. If no EASA approved training is required (e.g. for personnel in maintenance planning or supply chain) we can also offer customised training courses and seminars based on your individual training needs.

Request form - training courses

I`m interested in the offered Training Courses. Please send me an offer for the following:

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Maintenance Support

Aircraft Maintenance and repair

We offer a wide range of maintenance and repair services from simple line maintenance to engineering repairs. Our experience and skill-set acquired over more than 20 years now cover a host of aircraft from airliners to business jets and even helicopters. A combination of state-of-the-art facilities and highly skilled technicians makes sure that no job is beyond us. We make sure that a detailed assessment takes place and any maintenance or repairs are carried out to the very highest standards by our highly skilled, dedicated maintenance team.

Our aircraft maintenance includes thorough line and base maintenance. We have increasing experience on a wide range of other aircraft both, in house and elsewhere, within the, as you might expect we also have vast experience with all Dornier models.

At Deutsche Aircraft, when it comes to Dornier aircraft, we offer comprehensive services on the D328 series which includes all major modifications and upgrades.

The following line stations beside our home base are currently active: (Could be extended on request):

• Augsburg
• Manching
• Munich
• Stuttgart

With the capacity to handle many aircraft at any one time, our capable repair team ensure that each task is carried out with care. From repairs on entire aircraft to individual components, we are equipped for any project. Besides, with our leading-edge facilities, we can handle any kind of repair both to the interior and exterior.

component capabilities

Our facilities and skills provide our customers with the highest standards of services and the confidence that the use of all engineering data is approved by the Type Certificate holder. Within our approvals, we can work on the following components in our capability list.

• Sheet Metal Shop
• Composite Repair Shop
• Avionic Shop
• Wood workshop
• Tyre Shop
• Upholstery Shop
• Boot Shop
• Paint Shop (Components only)
• NDT Shop
• Component Manufacturing (i.a.w. 145.A.42(c))
• C1 Air Condition and Pressurization
• C14 Landing Gear
• C4 Doors and Hatches
• C15 Oxygen
• C5 Electrical Power & Lights
• C16 PropellersC6 Equipment
• C17 Pneumatic & Vacuum
• C7 Engine – APUC18 Protection / Ice / Rain / Fire
• C8 Flight Controls
• C19 Windows
• C9 Fuel
• C20 Structural
• C12 Hydraulic Power
• D1 Non Destructive Testing (NDT) includes:
– Liquid Penetrant Inspection (PT)
– Eddy Current Inspection (ET)
– Ultrasonic Inspection (UT)

Technical Publications

If you are in need of Dornier 328 / 328JET Technical Publications please contact us at

Customers can access our In-Service Technical Publication (ISTI) Cloud here.

If you are already a customer and need access please contact us at


Please find below latest ASB’s related to the Dornier 328 and 328 JET.

Wings – Inspection of Landing Flap Support 2

328-100: ASB-328-57-044R0

Wings – Inspection of Roll Spoiler Bearing Arms

- 328-100: ASB-328-57-043R0

Equipment/Furnishings – Cockpit Seats – Jammed AMSAFE Restraint System

- 328-100: ASB-328-25-040R2
- 328-300: ASB-328J-25-019R2

Fuel – Inspection of Fuel Line Clamps

- 328-100: ASB-328-28-041R2
- 328-300: ASB-328J-28-018R2

Landing Gear – Inspection of R/H Main Landing Gear Side Strut Pin

- 328-100: ASB-328-32-042 R0
- 328-300: ASB-328J-32-020 R0

Equipment/Furnishings – Cockpit Seats – Jammed AMSAFE Restraint System

- 328-100: ASB-328-25-040 R1
- 328-300: ASB-328J-25-019 R1

Engine – Propeller Shaft Inspection and Replacement

- 328-100: ASB-328-72-040 R0

lnspection of the Elevator Pulley Support Bracket

- 328-100: ASB-328-27-039 R0
- 328-300: ASB-328J-27-017 R0

Wings – Inspection of the X-Rod (Connection Element Wing/Fuselage)

- 328-100: ASB-328-57-038 R1
- 328-300: ASB-328J-57-016 R1

Wings – Inspection of the Lower Inner Panel for Cracks

- 328-100: ASB-328-57-037 R2
- 328-300: ASB-328J-57-015 R2

Flight Controls – Inspection of the Rudder Spring Tab Lever Assembly

- 328-100: ASB-328-27-036 R3
- 328-300: ASB-328J-27-013 R1

Engine Controls – Quality issue with Engine Control Cables

- 328-100: ASB-328-76-034 R1

Fuel – Inspection of drain installation for auxiliary fuel tanks

- 328-300: ASB-328J-28-014 R1

The following Technical Publications are currently available:

Operation Manuals:
  • Dornier 328-x00 – Operational Package, composed of:
  • Airplane Flight Manual, serialized, Hard Copy or PDF
  • Airplane Operating Manual, serialized, Hard Copy or PDF
  • Quick Reference Handbook, serialized, Hard Copy or PDF
  • Weight and Balance Manual, serialized, Hard Copy
  • Dornier 328-x00 – Dispatch Deviation Procedure Guide (based on FAA MMEL)
  • Dornier 328-x00 – Master Minimum Equipment List (based on EASA or FAA rules)

Maintenance Manuals:
  • Dornier 328-300 – Airplane Characteristics for Airport Planning, Hard Copy
  • Dornier 328-x00 – AIPC – Cable Harness Listing, Hard Copy
  • Dornier 328-x00 – Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalogue, Hard Copy
  • Dornier 328-x00 – Aircraft Maintenance Manual (D&O, JIC), Hard Copy
  • Dornier 328-x00 – Aircraft Maintenance Manual (D&O, JIC), PDF Version
  • Dornier 328-x00 – Aircraft Maintenance Manual – Cold Weather Operation
  • Dornier 328-x00 – Aircraft Maintenance Manual – Storage, Hard Copy
  • Dornier 328-x00 – Aircraft Recovery Manual, Hard Copy
  • Dornier 328-x00 – Suite of electronical Maint. Manuals (CAMSIS), Compact Disc. Composed of:
  • Aircraft Maintenance Manual (D&O, JIC)
  • Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalogue
  • Consumable Material List
  • Fault Isolation Manual
  • Aircraft Recovery Manual
  • Power Plant Built-up Manual
  • Dornier 328-all – Consumable Material List, Hard Copy
  • Dornier 328-x00 – Component Maintenance Manual Manufacturer, Set of Hard Copies
  • Dornier 328-x00 – Corrosion Prevention and Control Program Manual, Hard Copy
  • Dornier 328-all – Component Repair Manual, Hard Copy
  • Dornier 328-x00 – Fault Isolation Manual, Hard Copy
  • Dornier 328-x00 – Ground Handling and Servicing Manual, Hard Copy
  • Dornier 328-x00 – Set of In-Service Technical Information (ISTI), Hard Copy
  • Dornier 328-all – Illustrated Tool and Equipment Manual, Hard Copy
  • Dornier 328-x00 – Maintenance Planning Document (incl. Excel Data Base)
  • Dornier 328-x00 – Maintenance Requirements Document, composed of:
  • Airworthiness Limitations Document
  • Certification Maintenance Requirements Document
  • Maintenance Review Board Report
  • Dornier 328-x00 – Nondestructive Testing Manual, Hard Copy
  • Dornier 328-x00 – Power Plant Built-up Manual, Hard Copy
  • Dornier 328-x00 – Rescue Manual, Hard Copy
  • Dornier 328-x00 – Structure Repair Manual, Hard Copy
  • Dornier 328-x00 – System Schematics Manual, Hard Copy
  • Dornier 328-x00 – Wiring Manual, Hard Copy

Modification & Completion

Innovation is at the heart of what we do, with the pioneering spirit of Claude Dornier still infiltrating our philosophy and practices we are continually looking to broaden our horizons as well as those of our customers. We have a strong body of knowledge and skills which mean that best practice and creativity can be combined to produce almost limitless solutions. From something as seemingly simple as the manufacture of a single part to the completion of an entire aircraft inside and out, we have what it takes to get it right and continually surprise.


Certificates & Approvals

Für die folgenden Genehmigen konnten wir die Zerifikat nicht finden:
FAA Repair Station Certificate FAA_2022_31
NCAA Repair Station Certificate NCAA_2019_328SSG_AMODSSG
TCAA Repair Station Certificate
EASA Part 145 EASA-Formblatt-3_2014-02
DE.CAMO.0010_2020-07 DE.CAMO.0010_2020-07

EASA Part 21J Design Organization
EASA Part 21G Approved Production Organization
EASA Part 145 Maintenance organization through
EASA Part-CAMO.EASA Part 147 Training Organisation
ISO 14001
ISO 9001-2015
EN 9100-2018


EASA 21G Approved Production Organization (C1, C2 and D1 rating),
Das D1 rating haben seit 2018 nicht mehr.
EASA Part-M services (CAMO).
Seit 2020 heist das EASA Part-CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation)


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